Construction by Segond Group: more than 20 years of experience


The Segond Construction company has been in the Principality for around twenty years in the area of renovation of apartments, villas, industrial buildings and condominium maintenance.

Our team, made up of ten qualified professional workers, specialists in renovation works and general decoration for all building trades, will put its skills and expertise at your disposal to give you advice and solutions to suit yourevery construction or renovation project.

From design to delivery, our team will make every effort to support you and bring your projects to fruition…


What we offer

Painting and decoration (exterior and interior):

  •  Artisanal techniques: patinas, stucco, lime plaster, false marbles, fake woods, ceruse, etc …
  • All traditional painting work.
  • Decorative coatings.

For any private or professional building:

  • We realize all types of old-fashioned patinas, application of all types of paint and enamel lacquering of all supports such as doors, walls, columns, furniture, …
  • Laying of wallpapers, moldings, decorative elements, …
  • We realize all types of projection: interior roughcast and plaster of facade, projection of multicolored paint, glitter, …
  • Projection of insulating coatings such as vermiculite, cork, …
  • Supply and installation of all types of wall and floor coverings for private use
  • Supply and installation of all types of wall and floor coverings for private or professional use.
  • Plumbing, sanitary, individual heating, waterproofing, repairs, all renovations, electricity, masonry.

Our team of qualified professionals will be there to guide you

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