La Tour d'Enguerne ****
An exceptional guesthouse

Pure charm


*The Tour d’Enguerne can only make available 5 rooms out of the 8 rooms available due to the layout of the guesthouse. Please call to find out more about availability.

Whatever the excuse: a week with the family, a romantic weekend, a special occasion to celebrate or just a friend’s party, the Tour d’Enguerne is a guesthouse with numerous assets.

Situated in the heart of the Haut-Var and only an hour drive from Saint-Tropez, is the land of the divine truffle. Nestled in the hilltop village of Montmeyan, whose narrow streets and archways symbolising the quaint the charm of Provence, the Tour d’Enguerre and its 8 rooms can be found. Decorated with care is the promise of an incredible stay, surrounded by countryside and luxury, history and discovery, including many different tempting foods.

Indulge yourself in this hotel whose walls will tell you the legend of the Templars, whose rooms are the cradle to a peaceful sleep, and whose spaces will allow you to celebrate unusually any of your special events.

This area owes its name to a beautiful tower, impregnating to these unusual places its footprint, marked by the history and relics of the past.

Everything is here possible, the services are tailor-made and adapted to the desires of each.

In the heart of a 300 hectares park, here nature expresses its stunning gifts: scents of the Provence, the exquisite flavours of truffles, the marvellous shine of the South and summer evenings lulled by the song of the cicadas… All coming together to make moments here special.

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