Monaco Plaza and Montana Ambulances

Since 1994, seven ambulances equipped with the latest equipment, staff specially trained for any eventuality, any condition, long or short distances, private, insurance or welfare. Available 24/7.

Transport and Medical Healthcare

The SEGOND Group Ambulance company carry out all types of transport, whether health-related or not, without geographical limits. Monaco Plaza Ambulance has worked for many years in partnership with many medical organisations who entrust us with many missions, some long-haul healthcare transport by air ambulance. Monaco Plaza Ambulances also offers various services such as vehicle transport, transport for personal convenience, provision of a chauffeur, etc.

Montana Ambulances is devoted to urgent day and night transport of samples, analyses, results, etc. Our staff use motorcycles to guarantee speed of delivery between hospitals and the nearest laboratories, to allow medical staff to respond quickly to results.


Medical transport above all needs to be a service of impeccable quality, so the SEGOND Group puts at your disposal the human resources and the most advanced technical equipment so that patient transport is synonymous with safety, comfort, and above all confidence.

Thanks to effective logistics, up-to-date computer and communication equipment, our co-ordinators are able to plan your transport in real time according to the geographical location of each team.

Human qualities and professionalism are the main assets of our staff.

A Fleet at Your Service

Our fleet is made up of 12 vehicles, 2 of which are light ambulances, an ambulance lorry, and a motorcycle.

All vehicles are air-conditioned, regularly serviced or replaced to ensure the safety and comfort of patients during transport. The best conditions are put in place to satisfy you.

The medical units in our ambulances are fitted with the equipment required for any type of transport:

  • oxygen, portables and fixed bottles,
  • mucus aspirator,
  • osiris respirator,
  • emergency first aid kit,
  • splints (arm, leg),
  • c-collars,
  • basin, urinal,
  • epi-pens,
  • cardioscope,
  • etc.

The ambulances are designed to transport patients lying down, seated in wheelchairs or requiring special monitoring.

Light ambulance vehicles, also equipped with first-aid kits, are used for seated transport which does not require special monitoring, for people who can get about with simple walking aids.

To strengthen our team, and better meet the requirements of our customers and growing demand, we are recruiting qualified ambulance staff.


“Le Montana Palace”
6 rue de la Colle
98000 MONACO

Phone : 00 377 92 05 21 00


“Le Montana Palace”
6 rue de la Colle
98000 MONACO

Phone : 00 377 97 97 06 43